album review::Photon Band: Back Down To Earth

It had been a while since Art Difuria’s Photon Band had been sighted, but now they’re back with perhaps their best record ever on January 22nd – Back Down To Earth. The album moves with a coolness and hipsway, sauntering between influences, with the sixties and seventies being prevalent throughout the album. Back Down To Earth opens with the title track, a laid back floating number that sets up Photon Band’s return from orbit. “Ka-Blammo” then jets in with a sound that is reminscent of Fu Manchu, if only they had a spacey vibe. “Thinkin’ Boutchoo” and “Where Did The Love Go?” exploit some great seventies power pop a’la Big Star. Speaking of seventies, which I hear all over the record, “Your Doubt, Your Truth” could double for a near classic Todd Rundgren tune complete with all the feeling and melody. Another song with a question mark,”Whatchagonnado?” is a catchy pop number from the same vein, which rides into “Cry, crycrycry” a stomping fiesta complete with handclaps and shimmering reverbed out guitars. Having said all that, my favorite song on the album has to be “Just Between Me And You,” which evokes the sounds of the more rockin’ side of Buffalo Springfield, and it includes a nice breakdown on the outro. Back Down To Earth ends with a mysterious space grooved instrumental that could easily fit in a Russ Meyer film, and perhaps signals Photon Band’s return to space. Back Down To Earth is a lot of fun to listen to and in my opinion Photon Band’s best effort yet.

“Stratosphere”(earlier Photon Band)

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