The Hourly Radio "Gun In Hand"

The Hourly Radio release the final download from their new EP GUN IN HAND today. Shiny Toy Guns do a fascinating remix of “Deaf Ears,” which sees the song turned into a stomping 7 minute+ epic with STG’s production taking over at the 4:20 mark. The EP is available for free download at


GUN IN HAND EP tracklisting:1. Gun In Hand (Brand new song)
2. Dear Ears (Remix by Shiny Toy Guns)
3. He Said She Said (Remix by Michael Jurin of stellastarr*)
4. Closer (Remix by The Pipes Bros)
5. Not A Victim (Remix by Joel Habbeshaw)
6. Crime Does Pay (Remix by Dance Robots, Dance!)
7. Crime Does Pay (Remix by DJ Will Eastman)
8. Crime Does Pay (Remix by Terrorist Chic)
9. Crime Does Pay (Remix by Joel Habbeshaw)
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