album review::Babyshambles: Shotters Nation

Over here in the states Peter Doherty is known more for being a royal fuck up, than a tortured brilliant artist with endless potential. Put me in a world of supermodels, money, fame, jaguars and a tight band, and I must confess I might slip in and out of consciousness myself. Then again, we live in a time where all we hear is doom and gloom and how the planet is over. I often wonder why we all don’t get a clue, say “fuck forever” and live like it’s all coming to an end. Like so many others, as a huge Libertines fan i’ve followed the exploits of Pete and Carl since they came to notoriety. Babyshambles debut Down In Albion had a few good songs, but overall it was a boring disappointment. Now, Doherty and friends have released their second full length Shotters Nation in the states on Astralwerks. The record comes with a lot of promise of being the masterpiece we’ve been waiting for from Pete, and while I think those are bold claims, I must say that Shotters Nation is a strong effort that is by far much more concise and interesting as a whole, compared to Down In Albion. The music itself is no departure from what we associate with Pete, but the songs seem more inspired and well thought out this time around as a whole. One of the most interesting aspects of Shotters Nation, is that the songs allow a little peek inside Doherty’s hazey mindscape where we can hear tales of sixty dollar bags, watching murder documentaries, dancing to northern soul and life’s general rigmarole. If you still have hope left in Pete, then you will be well pleased with the sounds and promise of Shotters Nation.

“French Dog Blues”

“You Talk”

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