album review::Epo-555: Mafia

Oh sweet Denmark, I had a little foray there a couple of years back pillaging the majestic Copenhagen for its’ charms and sweet caresses. I also recall having an especially lovely time in Christiana, but that is a story for another day. Epo-555 hail from Denmark and make music with swirling dissonant guitar sounds, sometimes danceable bass lines, pulsating synths, and glassy eyed male and female vox, but really that doesn’t sum them up at all. I’ve had their album Mafia playing on the stereo for a few weeks now, and while I admit it took a few listens, I’ve really started to appreciate this record and don’t want to even to compare them to other bands, because I think that it would sell them short. What they do have are really good songs that come complete with a lot of atmosphere. The album flows well, and Epo-555 mix up the songs enough that Mafia unravels as a very well thought out record full of guitar/ electronic pop tunes, which are threaded with melody and enough mystery to keep the listener occupied and returning for more. Maybe, it is just those cold Copenhagen nights, but there is something different and welcomed about Epo-555.

listen to Mafia

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