album review::Soft: Gone Faded

Brooklyn’s modern shoegazers Soft released their debut full lenghth Gone Faded a few weeks ago on Academy Fight Song Records. Gone Faded recalls those halcyon days of late eighties/early nineties Britain when there were a landslide of groups like Ride, Lush, Chapterhouse, The Roses and others who created a new musical landscape. All of which was smashed and stomped out by Nirvana, until Oasis and cohorts came and restored English pride. While Soft could easily have came out of the early nineties, they manage to maintain their own sound by adding lots of colour to their less droney, hook filled tunes, which have vocals that are more upfront than many of their predecessors. My favorite number on Gone Faded is “You Make Me Wanna Die,” which slightly reminds me of Ride’s “Drive Blind” and includes the chorus “…when your bangs are in your eyes, you make me wanna die,” which is straight out of the shoegaze playbook. Overall, if this is a sound you think you will enjoy, then rest assured you will find Gone Faded to be an enticing piece.

Soft live “Droppin”

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