Bracken digital-only remix album

Bracken’s Remixes was released yesterday in digital format, and more excitingly it is available in a limited run of 300 CD copies, all lovingly handmade by the band themselves.


Track Listing:
1.We Cut The Tapes and Scatter [Steinbeck Ultramagnetic remix by Buddy Peace]
2.Fight or flight [James Rutledge Remix]
3.Safe Safe Safe [The Boats Remix]
4.Heathens [Bracken Instrumental]
5.We Cut The Tapes and Scatter with our Hands and Fingers [Hands and Fingers Remix]
6.Fight or Flight [Winter North Atlantic Remix]
7.Of Athroll Slains [Bracken’s ten pounds advance, more on the door Remix]
8.Heathens [Third Eye Foundation’s Step it out of Lebanon version]
9.We cut the tapes and scatter [Remote Viewer remix]

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