Amp Gremlin:Cabinet Redo

After years of abuse, my cabinet looks like shit and while I used to like the worn appeal, it had gone way pass anything I could tolerate. So, I threw on one of these snazzy Amp Gremlin covers and completely transformed my look on stage. Even though I play some of the heaviest sounds out there, I know irony in “indie rock” will never become passe so I went with the girl and skulls cover.

Amp Gremlin covers are made of a unique mesh material that enables the sound waves to easily pass through the speaker. This means that Amp Gremlin can place any image or logo on the grill of an amp, bass cabinet, or PA speaker quickly and easily without compromising the original speaker’s sound. The stretch fabric of Amp Gremlin allows for the user to easily maintain a grip on the amp’s handles, features a cut out section where input and outputs are readily accessible. Amp Gremlin also offers hundreds of fabric colors and patterns to choose from. Amp Gremlin charges $130 for one cover or $320 for three covers. Pricing is based on a standard size, a Marshall 4-12 cabinet. A full stack cover is available at the cost of $190. PA speakers, bass cabinets, and other odd sizes are priced at $18 per square foot based on the size of the cabinet face.
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