The critically acclaimed, exceptionally talented and expansively creative Grammy-nominated Denver quartet DeVotchKa have signed with Anti-. The group are well known for their scoring of the 2006 Oscar-winning film Little Miss Sunshine, capture a grand sense of the dramatic flavor of the U.S southwest and impart it onto both their gallant, artistic take on Eastern European folk music and the most emotive part of the indie rock scene. Images of the serious intensity of a troika being danced in a smoky bar on a Siberian plain and the soaring sweetness of a mariachi serenading a Mexican wedding party are conjured by the band’s lively performances and singer Nick Urata’s evocative voice. Ten years into their career, DeVotchKa are pioneers of a geographical and genre-melding sound; once renegade rockers toting tubas and accordions, now pillars of an indie-rock scene that produces more star violinists than guitarists.
From Supermelodrama, their debut album in 2000, to 2004’s How It Ends, which provided many of the songs on the Grammy Nominated Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack, to 2006’s Curse Your Little Heart, a EP of cover songs ranging from Siouxsie to Sinatra, DeVotchKa have been steadily refining their vision, honing their craft and building critical acclaim and loyal fans alike.

“How it ends” (Bonnaroo)

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