album review::Soul Merchants:1985-1987

Said to be too goth for the punks and too punk for the goths, Denver’s Soul Merchants existed between 1985-1987, and created music that truly seems to exist completely out of time. This double disc set, compiles the best from their four track cassette recording sessions. There are many claims to uncovering hidden gems of records that stand the test of time, but the Soul Merchants are the real deal, and they may have been America’s lost version of Sisters of Mercy. Revel in the delight of “take me away” favorites such as the hypnotic number “Joanna,” or tell me that “Beating Heart” doesn’t have drums right out of the Stephen Morris songbook, or that the vocals on “Attics” aren’t downright Curtishish. When you think of roses, do you think of thorns? If you’re picking up on what i’m saying, then I highly recommend Soul Merchant: 1985 – 1987.


“Littleton, Co (1987)“

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