Destroyer to drop "Trouble in Dreams"

Dan Bejar and friends return on March 18th 2008 with their 8th studio album as Destroyer. Trouble in Dreams continues Bejar’s lyrical and musical assault on all that is stagnant and stale in modern popular music. His is a body of work that consistently flouts convention in favor of musical leaps of faith, statements of purpose cloaked in subterfuge, and the joyous refrain of an optimist’s heart cloaked in cynicism.Anthems sprawl with shifting layers of guitar and piano, spinning just to the edge of chaos and back, while whispers in the corners reference fantasical realms and mysterious women who may or may not approve of our interloping voyeurism. Listen to “Foam Hands,” the first single from Trouble in Dreams.

Track Listing:
Blue Flower/Blue Flame
Dark Leaves From A Thread
The State
Foam Hands
My Favorite Year
Shooting Rockets (From The Desk Of Night’s Ape)
Introducing Angles
Leopard Of Honor
Plaza Trinidad
Libby’s First Sunrise

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