Musings:: Do They Know It’s Christmas? Band Aid 1984 vs. Band Aid 2004

So I’ve been thinking…..Band Aid 1984 or Band Aid 20? I’m not one for remakes of niche songs, but there are some merits to both versions. That 1989 version just sucks out right and sounds like the guys from Erasure were doing their thing all over the mixing board, and besides…where is fucking Bono? 2004’s interpretation has Dido, and that lady has a rare mix of sharp and fiery spirit salted with a sophistication that makes her a true siren. Justin Hawkins is also on Band Aid 20 and I’ve got to give it to that guy for being able to pull that Darkness stuff off even if it did only last a few years. No doubt, the popularity of The Darkness was symptomatic of the malaise which had well overtaken rock-n-roll and the music industry in general a near decade post-Nirvana. Moreover, this was a time when we saw the meteoric rise of such dreadfully mediocre acts as Coldplay who bored us into submission by writing one and a half songs and then proceeding to redo them over and over again only with different titles until the psychological vomit was just coming out of our ears! Having said all that, I prefer the 1984 version; Boy George sounds pretty awesome and Bono’s voice was much stronger in the eighties, and plus he has that cool Bono hair only he could have gotten away with.

Do They Know It’s Christmas? 1984

Do They Know It’s Christmas? 2004

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