Eric Matthews returns with The Imagination Stage

Eric Matthews is back with his new album The Imagination Stage (1/22/08) marking a return to glorious form, but charting a stirring departure from the pop norm. Conscious craft drawn from a subconscious spark. Music conjured from “a deeper, more mysterious place,” as he puts it. “There’s something new and different that’s happening to me creatively,” Matthews says. “There’s the music I imagine – music that I want to make – and then there’s the music I’ve been able to make. And those two aren’t necessarily the same thing. Now, what I’m making is akin to dreaming music – something ‘other-ly’. ”

The Imagination Stage is a special record. Matthews wrote and sang every gleaming note and glistening melody, played every instrument, and arranged every chord progression and horn chart. He also brought strings back into the fold, as well as producer-engineer Tony Lash, who’s worked with Matthews since his Cardinal days. The alchemy adds up to a lavish, louvered cathedral of sound inhabited by a breathtaking collection of finely etched portraits – liars and lovers, geniuses and fools, all presented with remarkable clarity, range and depth. The new sounds deployed – drum loops, more synthesizers than he’s ever used – surprised even Matthews. “Had somebody told me 15 years ago that I would use drum loops on a record,” he muses, “I would have scoffed!” What pleases him most is something decidedly less modern. “It’s impossible to separate strings from my vision of the way songs should sound, so that’s a return to form,” he says. “I’m invigorated. I’ve reached the imagination stage. Now, it’s a matter of diving as deeply as I can into that.”

The Imagination Stage track list:
1.Well Known Liar
2.That Kiss Of Life
3.Little 18
4.Radio Boy
5.Don’t Take Light
6.In Our Lives
7.Devil Red Glow
8.Her Life
10.The Imagination Stage
11.We Were Human
13.Does He Keep You Warm

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