Caroline serves up iTunes-Exclusive Remix Album

Last year, LA-based minimalist songstress Caroline Lufkin released a record of delicate pop music called Murmurs. Today, she announces the upcoming release of Murmurs Mixes, a remix album available exclusively from iTunes on January 8th. Not only acting as a worthy companion to the acclaimed Murmurs, Mixes makes for a stunning stand-alone album – featuring remixes from a wide array of Caroline’s friends, collaborators and likeminded artists, including Lullatone, Brightest Feathers (aka half of Saxon Shore), Logreybeam, Owen Vallis, Repose, Wake, DJ Poignant, Kai Kurosawa, Eli Walks, and Andreas Bjørck. Originally from Okinawa, Japan, Caroline Lufkin moved around a lot by the time she had graduated from Berklee School of Music in Boston in 2003, ultimately settling nowhere, but currently living in Los Angeles.

Murmurs Mixes Tracklist:
01 Bicycle (Lullatone Mix)
02 Sunrise (Sunset Mix)
03 Where’s My Love (Magical Mix)
04 Sunrise (Why Don’t You Feel Loved Mix)
05 Everylittlething (Poignant Mix)
06 I’ll Leave My Heart Behind (Air ballet Mix)
07 All I Need (Eli Walks Mix)
08 Winter (Repose Mix)
09 Sunrise (Logreybeam Mix)
10 All I Need (Owen Vallis Mix) download

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