XMas 3::The War on Christmas

XMas 3: The War on Christmas is a 19 track compilations of bands rocking the jingle bell jams (Ruby Isle, King of Prussia, Venice is Sinking, Headlights, The Show Is The Rainbow, Folklore, Bunnygrunt, The Observatory [featuring Bill Doss, Pete Erchick, and Jon Fernandes from the Olivia Tremor Control], the debut of the Buddy System, and more) packed into a full color comic with a mix of holiday-themed mayhem and sweetness from Jesse Lockwood, Travis Fox, Rama Hughes, Lauren Gregg, Craig Sheldon, Nethie Lockwood, Ryan Lewis, Mat Lewis, and Maya Livio. 100% percent of the profits from this release will be donated to Oxfam to help out unfortunate folks around the world

kingofprussia “xmasontheotherside”rumpposse “carolofthemanbarks”

Track List:
1. Rump Posse – Carol of the Manbarks
2. Folklore – Christmas Ape Goes to The Moon
3. The Observatory – Xmastime (is Xmastime)
4. Fabulous Bird – Everybody Knows It’s Christmas Time Again
5. King of Prussia – Christmas on The Other Side
6. The 63 Crayons – Holiday
7. Ruby Isle – Jack’s Obsession
8. The Buddy System – Xmas on TV
9. Blak Thor – Noel (I’m Giving Love For Christmas)
10. Murder Beach – All Around
11. Mumbletron 2k12 – Outta Bed
12. Je Suis France – Baby, Please Don’t Get Stoned (It’s Christmas)
13. Bunnygrunt – The Blues for Xmas
14. Koncak – It’s Christmas Time
15. Headlights – Kicker of Elves
16. The Show is The Rainbow – Silent Night
17. The Snowsuit Sound – The Ballad of Black Piet
18. Venice is Sinking – The Grey Line
19. The Jersey Barrier – Grey Skies


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