album review::Dust Galaxy

Rob Garza, a.k.a. Dust Galaxy is one half of electronic purveyors Thievery Corportation. While Thievery Corporation always had a cosmopolitan glare, Dust Galaxy takes a tour through the city’s seedy underbelly and sometimes even further into the netherworld. After a trip to Sudan for the UN World Food Program, Garza was inspired to make what he calls “a very personal musical reflection of his continuing journey.” What this album feels like is a journey indeed; one that picks and pulls influences from some of rocks’ more colorful times and genres. The magic of this album is that it switches up the feel so often, but still reads well as one piece that all falls easily into place. Opening instrumental “Sun In Your Head” sets the album into gear, by giving off the illusion of time ticking down to an inevitable climax, which follows into “Limitless,” – a trashy, vampy number filed somewhere under the auspices of sixties’ garage. “It’s All Yours” is an acoustic strummer reminiscent of psychedelic India, followed by “River of Ever,” which stays in the same vein, but gets freakier and certainly will evoke thoughts of The Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows.” My favorite track on the record is “Sons of Washington,” – a dub based atmospheric tune, which makes the claim that one day those in power will get what they deserve for their hypocrisy. There is more here, but hopefully you get the picture, and oh yeah,…this one sounds best in the car turned up.


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