album review::Iceland Airwaves Eruption

I don’t know much about Iceland, apart from the wonderfully ornate music that the country seems to produce at increasing levels. I did spend a few hours on layover in Reykjavik once, but airports just don’t reveal the nuances of a place. Iceland Airwaves Eruption is a compilation of Icelandic artists from Iceland Airwaves, the country’s yearly music festival. This cd includes many favorites such as Mum, Seabear, Benni Hemm Hemm, and so many more. While there are a few artists who sound a bit more pedestrian than what we have come to associate with Iceland, there are standouts galore on this collection. The slow bleeding heart acoustic strummerMojo Love” by Lay Low, glides and tears, tackling the irrational state of being in love. Lose yourself in Mum’s surreal conundrum “Dancing Behind My Eyelids,” or fall softly into the arms of Seabear’s romantic soft acoustic thriller “I Sing I Swim,” – either way you will be confronted with a charged atmosphere. Other favorites include Benni Hemm Hemm, who tack on their delightfull orchestral number “Snjorljossnjor,” and Jan Mayen’s “We Just Want To Get Everybody High,” which is more of a straight forward pop/rock tune, but still is job well done. Bang Gang also do quite well with their version of freaked out psychedelia on “Find What You Get.” Seventeen artists are included on Iceland Airwaves Eruption, most of which contribute to making this one of the best comps i’ve heard in a long time.

Artist: Track name:
1. Mugison Go Blind
2. Lay Low Mojo Love
3. Eberg Sober in June
4. múm Dancing Behind my Eyelids
5. Gus Gus Moss
6. Reykjavik! Flybus
7. Dikta Breaking The Waves
8. Seabear I Sing I Swim
9. Benni Hemm Hemm Snjorljossnjor
10. Jan Mayen We Just Want To Get Everybody High
11. Mammút Ekki sofna núna
12. Ampop Two Directions
13. Bang Gang Find What You Get
14. Sign Dancing In (Airwaves Mix)
15. Minus Futurist
16. Ghostigital Northern Lights
17. Jakobinarina His Lyrics Are Disastrous

Bang Gang “Find What You Get”

Seabear “I Sing I Swim”

Dikta “Breaking The Waves”

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