album review::Hammer No More The Fingers

Hammer No More The Fingers is a three piece from Chapel Hill/Durham who make brazen melodic tunes that some have described as an early nineties indie rock revival. This seven song self titled album is chalked full of catchy numbers which will have you quickly realizing that this three piece pulls everything they can out of their hat to make things as interesting as possible. I’d have to say that the guitar does a great job of defining Hammer No More The Fingers, by manufacturing lines that abound with tension, drama, and the occasional freakout, sometimes saturated with distorted riffs, while other times the lines are clean and jagged. Having said that, the lyrics and a fine rhythm section deserve their own credit for making the final assembled piece a workable product. Finally, Hammer No More The Fingers deserve some accolades for making this three piece as interesting as a three piece band can be.

orgy.mp3vodka grasshopper.mp3

“concrete” (live from the Cat’s Cradle)

“vodka grasshopper” (live from the Duke Coffee House)

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