Moby returns with Last Night in ’08

After the meditative electronica of 2002’s 18 and the singer-songwriter moves of 2005’s Hotel, Moby returns to the dance floor with a vengeance on his new album Last Night, released on March 11, 2008. Spanning hands-in-the-air, smiley-faced rave anthems, cosmic Giorgio Moroder-styled Euro-disco, hip-hop both old school and underground, and downtempo, end-of-the-night ambience, Last Night is a dance music tour de force that looks back at Moby’s deep roots in the club scene at the same time as it embraces the future.Reacting against the downbeat quality of previous albums like Hotel, 18 and the blockbuster Play, Moby “wanted to make an album that was a little more playful, a little more reflective of [his] life as it actually is.” In fact, Last Night is conceptually structured like an epic night out, moving from the building excitement of the early evening to peak-time euphoria to 2 am confusion and the blissful peace of the early morning New York city sunrise.

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