album review::Condor Moments: …And though we’re told we have it all, the all we have is freezing cold…

One of the more interesting records I heard this year was Condor Moments “…And though we’re told we have it all, the all we’ve got is freezing cold…” It might be said about Blackpool’s Condor Moments, that if you don’t like what they’re doing, wait a moment and you’re liable to hear something that peaks your interest. Perhaps the name itself – “Condor Moments” best describes the manner in which this group swoops down into their varying passages so quick and soundly, but then departs them just as swiftly, moving into entirely different episodes. The styles covered on…And though we’re told we have it all, the all we’ve go is freezing cold… are strangely diverse, but what is equally astounding, is how well this group melds everything together so there is a natural seemlessness and musicality, which is rare for such an ambitious and experimental record. Sometimes the music is sweet and almost loungy, such as the later episode of “Lord Protector, Milk Collector,” which also comes with some nice harmonies on an outro that just floats until it dissipates into a slight bit of frenzy. Other times, such as on “La Borde Basse,” the music is a droney psychedelic space out, which morphs into a bouncy gypsy episode, and then moves into “Liquorish Fish Dish,” a ghoulish a.d.d. number that really turns the record on its’ head. Rather than me go on with a maze of descriptions about this album, listen to some Condor Moments below and make up your own mind, but be wary of the potential for vertigo.

lordprotector milk collector.mp3liquorice fish dish.mp3i hope raymond is still alive.mp3butlins rash.mp3counterpoint study.mp3

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