Merry Christmas:: Shane MacGowan turns 50 to ring in the season

I want to say Merry Christmas to all, and I’m sure Shane MacGowan feels the same as he marks his 50Th year on the earth. He says all the good living has kept him alive, and to hell with safety and the road generally travelled. Many have doubted such a hallmark would ever occur for this professional wildman, and for those folks MacGowan had the following to say in a recent interview with the Britain’s Daily Mirror about his lifestyle and the naysayers:

“To be honest, I never thought too much about getting to 50……but if everybody is making bets that you are going to die at 4.30 tomorrow afternoon, you just tend to think, ‘Fuck it, I’m not going to die as long as those fuckers are alive.'”

“I used to go to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, but if I don’t manage that I might go on Christmas Day. I go to Mass every now and then….Smoking, drinking, partying – that’s why I’ve stayed alive as long as I have. And I’ve got better with age, that’s what’s meant to happen…..I party my way through life, it’s what I like to do. I’m even partying right now, only I’m doing it on my back. Booze is definitely good for your voice – it greases the whistle.”

Merry Christmas!!!
Fairytale in New York

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