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The Grizzly Owls came about as a result of a love for the tale of their grandparents’ migration from Oklahoma to Bakersfield during the dust bowl era. Not having to stray too far from their own home of Bakersfield, The Grizzly Owls found their sound by way of west coast gods of country Merle Haggard and Buck Owens, spaghetti westerns, and the new wave films of Jean-Luc Godard. Throughout, by night on my bed is an interesting work that will surely grow on you the more you get to know the music. Sometimes cow poky and prairie like, while at other times bringing about wild hybrids like the gloomy and mysterious acoustic “Jeremiah” that sounds much to its credit, like an gothic country number recorded in another dimension. “Rifles And Hemlines” is another interesting elixir that half feels like the soundtrack to a covered wagon movement, only if it were on some tropical island and the folks had stopped for toddies and a naked swim. My favorite on by night on my bed, is “Mother, Oh Mother,” which comes equipped with a shimmering hypnotic riff, giving the tune a wildly exotic character. Overall, the album is full of atmosphere, brought about by well thought out, but fairly spare and simple instrumentation, complimented by the above par additions of the vibraphone, pedal steel, and baritone guitar. By Night On My Bed has definitely grown on me, and it includes the best use of what sounds like a casio drum machine that I’ve heard in years.

rifles and hemlines.mp3whats a girl to do.mp3

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