2008::The New Year

Happy New Year 2008. Hope you had a good one, free from the clamoring of bitching mouths trying to bring your evening down. I also hope you didn’t have to spend your New Years listening to a bunch of cheap club music all night, and still go home alone at the end. Life is too short to dribble your time away with people and music that don’t merit your company. Watch out for people who are only around you for some luxury or opportunity you afford them. When the well runs dry, these folks scatter like the ants they are, and often tend to accuse you of being the one running the con. Lots of people out there who will do things to you beyond belief. However, trusting no one is advice handed down from lonely bitter fools. Here’s to 2008 being a monumental year.

Parasites will be returning to its’ normal schedule this week.

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