The Harpeth Trace: On Disappearing

When The Harpeth Trace sat down to put their ambitious, vintage daydream pop to tape, singer/songwriter Josh Kasselman was growing increasingly morose and distant. His already unpredictable song structures were now arriving accompanied by narcotic, ephemeral lyrics – choice material for sure, but also a sign of the spiritual collapse on the horizon. With the encouragement of engineer/co-producer Raymond Richards (Brian Jonestown Massacre, Mojave 3, The Broken West), the band completed the recording of its debut album, On Disappearing, in December of 2006. Before 2007 had arrived, though, Kasselman had boarded a plane to Bangkok, and would spend the next half-year wandering the hills and streets of Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. Undeterred, Harpeth Trace drummer Rob Poynter (Correatown, The Idaho Falls, Frankel) and bassist/guitarist Barry Poage (Monster) got together to finish mixing the album at Richards’ Red Rockets Glare studio. They eventually lured their singer back to U.S. shores with the final product – an engrossingly existential 35 minutes that seem to live outside of the realms of time and place. Evoking shades of The Zombies, Bill Fay, Galaxie 500, The Left Banke, Skip Spence, Dungen, and The Clientele, On Disappearing alternates seamlessly between psychedelic immediacy and winsome melancholy. The album reaches shelves on February 5th.

Georgia May.MP3Who Knows Where You Are.MP3

upcoming shows:
January 27 @ Hemlock Tavern – San Francisco, CA
January 29 @ Rotture – Portland, OR
January 30 @ Someday Lounge – Portland, OR
January 31 @ TBA – Olympia, WA
February 01 @ TBA – Seattle, WA
February 02 @ The Ike Box – Salem, OR
February 04 @ – “…is good with John Hershfield
February 19 @ The Echo – Los Angeles, CA

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