Patterson Hood on Flagpole

Well we’re gearing up for a full on action packed year of Drive-By Trucker shows, in support of their forthcoming album “Brighter Than Creation’s Dark,” which found its title via a Cooley tune. It will all surface on the 22nd of January. This week DBT kicks the year off with three nights of shows in Athens at the 40 Watt, beginning on Thursday night. As excited as we are about the new record, which may well be their best(full review very soon), anyone who has seen this band knows that live is a zillion times better. Tons of sweat, smiles, sing a-longs, high bar bills, and the occasional drunk dummy who takes it too far,…all coming together for the sounds of my favorite band. Patterson appears on the current issue of Athen’s Flagpole paper, with a fairly extensive interview. Check it out below. Salut!

Patterson interview in Flagpole
Daddy Needs A Drink (tune from the new record)

Women without Whiskey(one of my favorite live numbers)

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