WHY? returns with Alopecia

Two years after their beloved Elephant Eyelash, WHY? return on 3/11 with Alopecia, a collection of hard rhymes and raw-spun songs forced through the stubbornsmile of a life-lover scorned and reborn. In long, this is an album of bone-dry jokes, suicides played out in poem, musings on final moments written inside of restrooms, begrudging self-affirmation, and the grit and glories of every day living. Yoni Wolf has returned with the Art of Songcraft tucked under his arm.

The Hollows.mp3
Rubber Traits

Afterschool America

on stage:
01/12/08 San Francisco, CA The Mighty (The Onion’s Holiday Party)
01/15/08 Los Angeles, CA Tangier


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