album review::Mikey Hart & Zakir Hussain:Global Drum Project:

Meditative rhythms that draw you in and take on odd, but amenable melodies made up by rare sounds and foreign vocal rants in one form or another, which slip in out of the fold throughout Global Drum Project. Samples fill the stream of the sedate and transcendent “Kaluli Groove” which seems right out of the jungle, only if it were underwater, or in a different atmosphere for that matter. If “Kaluli Groove” was done underwater, then its’ followup “Funky Zena” is an episode, which exhibits the music as if it were in the process of bubbling up to the surface. I had the album playing loud the another night, and I was really blown away by the way the different sounds on the majorly groove oriented piece “Dances With Wood,” seem to flow and sustain in different areas of my house – a real psychedelic moment indeed! Much of what is going on here is beyond description when considering the whole, and only weakened by my anemic abstractions. Having said that, the climax is called “I Can Tell You More,” and it is by far the freakiest and most sinister number on the album, complete with reverberating vocals that range from simply weird to the funereal. If you have a zeal and mental space for this kind of work, then rest assured it will be your thing. If you are just a sonic wanderer, then no doubt Global Drum Project will serve as a good rest stop for a little while.

Mikey introduces the old growth instruments

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