Musings::Late Nights with Neil Diamond

I can’t deny that sometimes late at night I like to come home, light some candles and throw on some favorites like Neil Diamond’s “Love On The Rocks.” This ladies and gentlemen is a poignant tale of the confusion that is often referred to as a “relationship.” I can’t say enough about Neil except that not only does he have my favorite live album of all time with Hot August Night, but his performance of “Dry Your Eyes” in The Last Waltz is almost without question the highlight among highlights. Neil looks damn cool in the footage. Robbie Robertson looks great as well, and has that gleaming smile that tells you that it is all for real. Anyway, Neil Diamond is a maverick, who for years has defied classification. Some people like to make fun of his suits, and then proceed to still sing along with his epics. Neil’s records can bring a wilting party back into full throttle if you’ve got folks who have any sort of spirit left in them. Those tunes and his voice grab hold of something innate to most of us, that not only is why we listen to music, but more importantly is a reminder there is a life out there to be lived. This world does everything it can to make us forget that fact, through the slow psychic decomposition of the bromide effect. Who else can claim to be the greatest performer in rock/pop history, and one of the greatest composers of all time? Neil says part of his success is a result of the fact that he has never been afraid to go out there and make a fool of himself in front of an audience. Many have the ability to author a good song, but who among them can write like Neil Diamond.

love on the rocks

dry your eyes(from the last waltz)

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