Speck Mountain single "Blood Is Clean"

Speck Mountain’s debut Summer Above, has been slow to take off stateside, while reaching the #5 spot in Piccadilly Records influential Year-End Best List. All their live experiences have allowed them to find a new, loose sound based on the two distinct guitar styles of song-writers Karl Briedrick and Marie-Claire Balabanian, Marie-Claire’s startlingly mature vocal presence, and the plangent drones of Kate Walsh’s vintage organ and piano. All of which is evident on their new single, “Blood Is Clean”. The A-side is a Valet song from just this year that Speck Mountain have turned up the rock quotient on significantly, courtesy of sax, an age’s old bass mantra, and Marie-Claire’s barbed guitar attack, transplanted direct from the most severely dosed basement on earth. On the flip, “Backslide” approaches the kind of wide-eyed gratification that electronica has promised in the past–but rarely delivered–with several degrees of treated organ pulsating around Karl’s sweetly protracted guitar tease.

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