album::Lili Haydn:Places Between Places

Lili Haydn returns March 25 with her third album Places Between Places and her debut for Nettwerk Music. The postmodern pop of Places Between Places began life in her home studio amid the hills and trees above Los Angeles. “Lililand” is what she calls this room, where the walls are covered in red and purple velvet, and where the singer-songwriter-violinist spent the last two years working to capture her “most essential, most ecstatic moments” on record. And as a sometime member of Parliament- Funkadelic, leader George Clinton has often called her “the Jimi Hendrix of the violin.” Haydn has her own Hendrix moment on the new album’s bonus track–an epic take on P-Funk’s “Maggot Brain,” a rendition she’s played to standing ovations at the Hollywood Bowl and elsewhere. A national support tour is in the works to follow this summer.

“Children of Babylon”

“Unfolding Grace” live

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