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Chairs In The Arno created File Folder, by incorporating a collage of electronic paints by way of a microKorg, Moogs, and an MC 505 Groovebox. The result is eight songs of antique synth pop, full of light and refreshing hooks, aided and abetted by guy/girl vocal exchanges. Although the feeling soon subsides as the song takes on its own identity, opener “I Never Loved You Anyways,” initiates with a keyboard riff which sounds like a twist on Gary Numan’s “Cars.” “Suit Pressed” is a bright & shiny pop number lead by Becca Hsu’s soft but frank vocals, which follows into the male dominated “Popsicle,” which in part reminds me of nineties pop makers Holiday sound. The fascination with archaic synths and electronics is obvious throughout File Folder, in terms of lyrical content, and not to mention song titles like “Preprogrammed Casio,” “Input Delay,” and “Sequencing Anxiety.” Of all the tracks, “Winter Song” is the most melodic, includes the best use of the guy/girl interplay, and has some catchy lyrics like “don’t feel bad, you’re not the smallest guy I’ve had.” File Folder is one of those sleepers that may not hit you the first time around, but with more discovery you start to appreciate the ingenuity and the sound.

winter song.mp3size thirty.mp3stream File Folder

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