Musings::Black Ice & Claudine Longet

It’s cold here on the east coast, and a wintry mix is on the horizon. I was supposed to take a drive up north today for rehearsal, but there was talk of black ice later, so I shelled the day. Other than a stop off at the coffee shop and the store, it has been a real hibernation day, done in high fashion with mimosas, cigarettes, good company, and Claudine Longet. The weather really creates ideal conditions for bubbling up inside of the aquarian age gospel of Claudine. Of course, there is more to the music than that, Claudine diversifies and even channels bossa nova, effervescent pop, and jazz on her 1967 record “The Look of Love.” Her voice at times is frail and thin, and her accent betrays her on the Beatles covers. However, in large part, her music is atmospheric, magical, and slightly strange in a pleasant respect, such as on Claudine’s performance of the faux country pop tune “Broomstick Cowboy.” I am fond of her cover of my all time favorite Beach Boys song “God Only Knows,” but then again how can you mess up a number like that one. Claudine also does a fairly straight forward take on the Carpenters “We’ve Only Just Begun,” which takes on a paisley psychedelic character as a result of her vocals. There is much more to her music and her life story, including a marriage to Andy Williams, the accidental murder of an Olympic skier boyfriend in 1976, and a Stones song, “Claudine,” written about her, but never released for fear of litigation. I leave you with a little video and the Internet, to do as little or as much grazing as you would like.

My Favourite Things (with Andy Williams)

Nothing To Lose (from the 1968 Peter Sellers movie, The Party)

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