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Aster are a duo from Austin, and tomorrow they will be releasing their new record Some things seldom heard of. Sometimes, I feel like pop is a bad word, but then I get a record like this one and am reminded that it can be such a delicacy. The lush sounds and melodies on Some things seldom heard of, combine to take the listener on a journey, complete with a rare music box quality, exemplified by the finely sculpted “The Great Escape.” I don’t know what any of the songs are about, nor do I care, but I do know how the music makes me feel, and that is most important. Moving forward to complete the picture, piano and drums combine to create a regal atmosphere on the processional “Solitary Life,” filling the room with a mood of peace, as if a revelatory episode. Throughout Some things seldom…, the album travels well, and while some songs stand out more than others, the record never dips too low. The best tracks are so well detailed with fine melodies that they are almost sure to evoke vivid imagery in your head space. In fact, a lot of bands are out there making “quasi-introspective indie pop,” which comes off as overly self-indulgent, mealy mouthed, and a waste of ruin for the ears. I guess that is the point, Aster are none of those things, but perhaps a much more refined step-brother who actually had a vision in the first place, and thought it out, which is why they succeed where many fail, because they are actually talented and have a real reason to make music. Finally, Some things seldom heard of, is an odyssey of atmospheric, well thought out songs, which make me for one, think of majestic glass houses, long hallways, huge cascading stairwells, and more so, an escape to explore for a while.

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attempting to multiply

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