album review::Hello, Blue Roses:The Portrait Is Finished And I Have Failed To Capture Your Beauty…

Hello, Blue Roses are Vancouver’s Dan Bejar of New Pornographers & Destroyer fame, and visual artist/singer songwriter Sydney Vermont, and they have a new record The Portrait Is Finished And I Have Failed To Capture Your Beauty…. Without a doubt, the best song on this album is “Shadow Falls,” and I suppose it is those simple, but poignant synth lines, creating a dreamy static atmosphere reminscent of OMD, which combines with the harmonious refrain “my shadow falls…,” to complete the act. If “Shadow Falls” is the peak, next in line is the aquarian femme folk of “Heron Song,” which in large part is rescued by the hauntingly melodic chorus of “Vancouver…,” sure to be sampled out for Vancouver travel ads. “Heron Song” is indicitive of several tracks, following a pattern of doing its best to take the listener right to the point of giving up, only to rescue the song with some new movement, a harmony, or a guitar coming in sounding like a cross between a horn and a saw. Making a slight departure, “St. Angela” is more of a faux country pop tune that moves well enough to hold the ears attention. “Sunny Skies” is another standout that follows the afformentioned pattern of being saved at the end, and is by far the closest Sydney gets to sounding like Kate Bush. Of course it isn’t my album, but as good as many of the songs are, I can’t help think that a few of the others could have been saved by more decadent orchestration, so as to give a needed lavish feel. Overall, nothing on this record is terrible, but the best parts are certainly not the spare pastoral songs, which may still appeal to folks whose fantasy world is occupied by green fairies, giant butterflies, and men with long white beards and robes.

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