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Black Mountain’s second full length In The Future has arrived this week on Jagjaguwar. These days, terms like psychedelic are thrown around with such frequency, one has to wonder how the word is defined anymore. Does it mean drugged out, trippy, surreal, or weird and frankly unlistenable? I assure you Black Mountain’s In The Future is quite listenable, but the rest of the descriptions do apply. Painted as heavy psych/prog, the Vancouver group have taken us places in the past, but in no way had they let on the amount of aural terrain they were planning to traverse with In The Future. This is no doubt a journey, that while more than the result of rock history, In The Future certainly tells much of the tale, with Sabbath infused sections making love with stoner rock, to more straight forward lower key pieces like “Angels,” separated by the guitar haze of opener “Stormy High” and the war stomp intro of “Tyrants.” Moreover, there are progged out episodes throughout the record that sneak up the way they are supposed to, never bogging down the music, always tightening and loosening the mind, and maybe best represented by “Wucan,” one of the most adventurous piece on the record. Black Mountain even slip into the acoustic folk realm with sweet big vocals, and talk of beautiful ponies, on the range like “Stay Free.” I could go through and describe the rest, for there is more, but I think I’d rather just listen to In The Future again. Finally, I have a hard time thinking all the exotic folk revisionists will be able to top a record like this one in 2008. Good times, to put it simply, and I only wish my band sounded this cool.

Wucan” (ATP Dec. 2007)

live in London

“Don’t Run Our Hearts Around” (ATP Dec. 2007)

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