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Science for Girls… I played the album for my wine and cheese friends, but it had a little bit too much shall we say, “je ne sais pas,” for them. Plus, most of these folks have an inability to create emotional attachment with anything, until it comes in conjunction with a commercial, or passed around via office talk and playlists. Although I was wrong, I thought the metropolitan & AM escapist vibe of so many of the tracks, would be enough to grab their attention, but I think they were scared off by the spacey totemic psychic rumble. I know, you are going, AM escapist vibe, what is that? You just feel this reverence for finding your own paradise, and giving up on trying to live the straight life. Regardless, in its own high rise electronic modern way, I hear the same call as on the folky sounds of James Taylor’s “Mexico,” America’s “California Sunset,” Poco’s “Barbados”…., as I do on the North African decompression “Northern Lights.” The list goes on forever, because everyone wants to get in on a good thing. Don’t get me wrong, clearly you can hear the spirit of Sade, Morcheeba, Air, maybe some Dido, and a ton of other stuff my brain can’t put a handle on at the moment. Rest assured this isn’t indie rock, although Science for Girls do touch down for a little bit on the Postal Service like travel ad, “Australia.” In fact, if “Australia” wasn’t such a well done melodic sing a-long song, I don’t think they could have gotten away with putting it on this groove chillout extravaganza. Of course, there is pop all over this thing, and the track “Peace Heart,” even gets a little Carole King-ish, a’ la “Smackwater Jack.” Science for Girls is NYC producer and songwriter Darren Solomon, and his album is like a surprise wake up by a beautiful woman, who hasn’t driven you crazy yet. The album arrives on March 11, 2008.

you’ll never know.mp3

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