album review::Basia Bulat:Oh, My Darling

Released last year in Europe and Japan to wide applause, Canadian Basia Bulat’s Oh, My Darling arrives in the States, via Rough Trade on February 5th. Basia’s songs vary so much in tone, and have such capturing melodies, that Oh, My Darling never drags, crossing the musical map from rootsy folk/country pieces to more exquisite string arrangements, and elsewhere. Measurably soulful throughout, the deceptively breezy “Why Can’t It Be Mine,” feels at least part of the time, as if its emanating from some southern Spanish coastal town, where folks go to peel off the psychic layers. The drums sound magnificent throughout the record, striking with a lightness and precision, such as on the chugging, “In The Night,” which moves like a train at maximum speed, powering through the fog in search of light. Add to that, a melancholy, never denser than on the soaring, “Snakes and Ladders,” which should be a hit in a perfect world, considering the amount of release it carries. So much to enjoy here, but why listen to me when you can check out the early rock n’ roll/soul feel of “In The Night,” and see what you think of the harmonies, Basia’s rich voice, and those great songs of hers.

in the night.mp3
in the night

before I knew

Snakes and Ladders

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