Morgan Page debuts Elevate

DJ/Producer Morgan Page will release his debut album Elevate on March 25th, on Nettwerk Records. The record is a hybrid of remixes and original songs, a 12-song collection that seamlessly weaves the highlights of Pages prolific production career with his own organic, melody driven tunes. ELEVATE opens with the first single ‘Longest Road.” Featuring lead vocals from California folk artist Lissie, whom Page calls ‘one of the most exciting voices Ive heard in years.’ As Laurel Canyon meets Hollywood, the song effortlessly fuses laid-back folk rock influences with the edge and energy of electronic music. More than a collection of singles, Page blends Elevate into one complete work, showcasing his dexterity as a producer.

Stream “The Longest Road”:
The Longest Road.movThe Longest Road.wax

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