You Bring The Talent to Unsigned Musicians

Growing up in a musical dust bowl like Virginia Beach, I am fully aware of the frustration of living in a place where someone could potentially have the best band in the world, and no one would even notice. Meanwhile, I also had to deal with the perpetual hot air dispensed around the most pedestrian dated bands, all destined in the mind’s of the local music critics, to go on to stardom. How many of those acts over the years reached their predicted star? Zero, they all sucked in reality, not one made a decent record, most played a lot of covers without a decent song of their own, & glad I don’t reside there anymore. No doubt, the legacy of exhuming dried bones and hanging them up, continues in that land.

And while the masses are never more than the simply the masses, there is a chance for unsigned acts to reach their asteroid by votes, with, in conjunction with A&R Worldwide’s MUSEXPO, Atlantic Records, Peer Music Publishing, Rebel Group/ADA Distribution and The Agency Group, announced the launch of the online music talent search, YOU BRING THE TALENT.

The winning musician/band will receive:
-An EP deal with Atlantic Records
-A music publishing deal with Peer Music
-A Booking Deal with The Agency Group
-Distribution through ADA from The Rebel Group
-A Showcase at The House of Blues in Hollywood, CA

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