album review::The Emperor Machine:No Sale No I.D. Simian Mobile Disco Version & Slap On

Trust me, this is no American hippie dribbled space funk processor, only appealing to the sheep, who have soaked themselves with xanax, valium and who knows what else. Emperor Machine is the real freakout, sans the boring workup and cumbersome details, dripping sex in weightless environs. The fluttering “No Sale No I.D.,” is mutant disco, while “Slap On” might be some form of alien space messaging, considering the intermittent synapse awakening pulses. Either way, both releases incorporate totemic beats, synths which drone in and out of phase, accompanied by the warm sounds of oscillators and analogue filters; all coming together to take the listener to the point of no escaping the paradigm bend. Today, the Simian Mobile Disco remix of The Emperor Machine’s No Sale No I.D., will be released on acid green limited 12″, followed two weeks later by a two track EP of new material entitled “Slap On”. The Emperor Machine will also release a new album in the summertime, as well as continuing to perfect their live show.

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