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A bit of a modern day anti-hero and iconoclast, Ms. Lohan is in my mind, the most rock n’ roll woman in America. Constantly trashed by the media, and put under a microscope as if she is behaving in some way different that what any sane young rich famous beautiful person living in L.A., should be doing. Every time I look, there is some new story about Lindsay and her sexcapades. Whether the stories are true or not, at this point she is aware of her party girl reputation, and has neither gotten pregnant, or begged for forgiveness. My favorite tale of her exploits is a recent trip to Italy, where she passed the down time with three different lovers. She is a hedonist of potentially epic proportions, not just for this decade, but maybe for all time, if she ever manages to do a good film again. Hey, I still remember her in Parent Trap, where she was magnificent in pulling off those dual roles. Anyway, being unapologetic, irreverent, and dangerous is what rock is about in my mind. For that matter, where did all the false morality come from? It is peculiar how in our society we can be so vigilantly warned of the evils of being judgemental, while being given free license to condemn certain specific others. Parity?

Who will history show of our own times, holding ground with the legends of the past who worshipped at the altar of rock, sucking down its ambrosia, savoring every drop, while society trembled? Where are our own bastard sons of The Byrds and Dylan, like Tom Petty? Where are our Led Zeppelins, drunk and dropping bottles from penthouses, while taking x-rated debauchery to new levels. Hendrix set his guitar on fire and destroyed it at Monterey. Townshend smashed his guitar and amps a thousand times, before it looked cartoonish, silly, and postured when Cobain participated in such acts. We were supposed to be impressed, and blown away by the raw emotion. While I do think Nirvana were a really good band, and that Dave Grohl was one of the most thunderous drummers of the nineties, you can be really good and overrated at the same time. Sadly enough though, was when the American bromide spread overseas, sucking away English morale, until Oasis and company came and raised the Union Jack high again. I am afraid this may be our legacy in the end.

So, what have we added to the table? It certainly wasn’t all that gross rap-rock, and nu metal of the late nineties, and early parts of this decade. Despite the folklore, the rest of that decade wasn’t exactly flowing with musical ether either. Don’t get me wrong, there was no shortage of good music being made, but the big story that will maintain itself in the annals of rock, is a dull and morbid tale. This is the era where guitar leads were outlawed, as well as any hint of sexuality, decadence, symptoms of having fun, or immortality in the music. Rock stars were all of a sudden, defeated people with feelings and insecurities, and that was just anathema to the doctrines of the past, not to mention wrong on so many other levels. Please don’t suggest talk of the nineties being a decade of musical existentialism, because that stuff was so contrived by the music media, and sure to go down as fluff decorum utilized for marketing. Still don’t agree, well, lets move to the later nineties with the explosion of boy bands, Britney Spears types, and the aforementioned criminals, which should of been enough of a red flag that we were no longer drowning, but now lifeless, washed up on the beach . Some of the major chic online music press might adore Justin Timberlake, but I’m not buying what they’re selling, and don’t believe the eternal scrolls will maintain that print for the ages. So, we must look to our present days and beg the question beyond the press release, as to what of our own is of epic grandeur?

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