album review::The Child Ballads: Cheekbone Hollows (Pop. 1/2 Life) EP

After a long break, former Jonathan Fire*Eater vocalist Stewart Lupton, returns on April 15, with his new group The Child Ballads, and their EP Cheekbone Hollows (Pop. 1/2 Life), on Gypsy Eyes. The opening track “Cheekbone Hollows,” makes the release worth it alone, with this streetwise ballad, that may bring to mind the edge of Jim Carroll’s lyrics, with a little Jonathan Richman, and some CCR thrown in as well. The strut and feel of the title track continue throughout, making stops on the garage-cow-poke-slow-punch of “Blackbird Trax,” and the more groovy “Old Man October,” which reminds me of a cross between The Grifters and The Velvets, with something new added on. If “Cheekbone Hollows” is the best number on here, then its’ bookend, “Laughter From The Rafters,” with its resounding line of “they’re marching in the streets,” is by far the second most sing-along song here. Overall, The Child Ballads will make for lots of fun listening, and hopefully we’ll get a full length down the road. The magic here is based on Lupton’s lyrics, good songs, the girl/guy vocal interplay, and the meshing of the acoustic guitar, with dirty electric riffs and lines. Altogether, The Child Ballads fashion a sound delivery of coarse, trashy, poetic, and all consuming tunes, that will totally change the way you walk into a joint.

cheekbone hollows.mp3

cheekbone hollows

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