album review: Lo Fine: Not For Us Two

Lo Fine, of the Northhampton, Massachusetts area, will be releasing their new record Not For Us Two, April 8th on Pigeon Records. With a sedate, but trusty edge, Kevin O’Rourke has crafted an album of songs, which address an overall lack of light. Done with glorious harmonies, and lyrics that come across as if someone has opened the blinds to their bedroom and all their ghosts; this is an album made to stretch your heart strings. O’Rourke’s vocals are rich in character, and fall somewhere in the realm of Matthew Sweet crossed with Will Johnson(Centro-matic). Not to carry the Matthew Sweet thing too far, but the tone of Not For Us Two is very reminiscent of some of Matthew’s greyer material like “Winona.” Having said that, Lo Fine is very much its own thing of beauty, worth spending some time with. In fact, their forthcoming release is a fine listen througout, but it may peak out with the sweet lines of “wise men don’t poke pins, they wait and deflate them….,” on low key burner “Remotely Together.” Here is to the beautiful sound of the pedal steel, sweet voices, and melancholy tales.

remotely together.mp337.mp3

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