album review:: Sandrine: Dark Fades Into The Light

Australia’s Sandrine brings Dark Fades Into The Light on April 1, via Nettwerk Records. The album was recorded by Malcolm Burns at his studio located within proximity to Woodstock, NY. Sandrine’s comforting rich voice shines over her deep seeded hooks, here and there echoing many of the great pop and soul pieces of the past. The songs reveal someone who has tasted of both life’s bitter and its’ sweet, with charming melodies punching holes in the dark with the light, all the time gaining ground on recapturing that which is good. Counting fifteen tracks, Dark Fades Into The Light covers some ground, including the soulful slow groove of “Immortal,” the Dusty Springfieldesque “Love and Pain,” the mysterious city hump of “Inertia,” the coffee table romance of “Red Shoes,” and many more. One of my current favorites is “Deep Freeze,” equipped with a strong rhythm section working a melody line quite reminiscent of Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long.” Despite the album title, it isn’t always so clear whether the sun is rising or setting on Dark Fades Into The Light, but rest assured the golden mass is always in sight.

Let The Love

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