album review:: Temposhark: The Invisible Line

Temposhark began in late 2004 as a collaboration between singer/songwriter Rob Diament and producer Luke Busby. With anticipation and a growing audience, Temposhark will be releasing The Invisible Line in March(U.S.) and April(U.K.). Try not to be fooled by the string arrangements from the opening proclamation statement, “Don’t Mess With Me,” because this is not only the most sedate piece on the record, but also the intro for the electro frenzy soon to fire away. When I think electro-pop, I don’t usually foam at the mouth, but The Invisible Line is much more than pedestrian fodder. This is hook filled madness that rocks out, making you want to kick those heels and curse the sky at the same time. Temposhark have a gift for infectious melodies that go gigantic on the chorus, drawing the listener into the torture or elation of the song’s main character. This is felt on the anxious emotional release of “Blame,” and its transcendent chorus. A gift for perfecting atmosphere is also a major component on this record, seen in clear view on the mysterious “Its Better To Have Loved,” sounding as if it was recorded underwater, with a low end rumble keeping it submerged. In terms of hugeness, “Not That Big,” may cap it off with a clever use of powerful sounds, giving the verses a mantra like feel, accented even more by Imogen Heap’s vocal wonderment on the refrain of “…not big in my life…” Having said that, “Knock Me Out,” has a powerful hook, and is as retro eighties as The Invisible Line gets, coming off as a piece that could almost pass as a lost Duran Duran classic. Filling the air with powerful music and strong hooks throughout, there is much more on The Invisible Line, and it won’t take the listener long to realize just how huge a sound Temposhark make. Check out their website and myspace to sample the sound.

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