album review:: The Bell: Make Some Quiet

Sweden’s The Bell release their debut record Make Some Quiet today by way of Badman Recording Co. The Bell trio of Mathias Stromberg(vox), Jan Petterson(instruments), and Nicklas Nilsson(instruments), utilized the natural isolation of the Northern winter as an excuse to hole up and write thirty-five songs in less than a year, with thirteen landing on Make Some Quiet. While there have been no shortage of bands this decade influenced by the likes of Gang of Four, Ian Curtis’s voice, and that tired ass clown eye shadow; The Bell come off not as a band revisiting the eighties, but instead sound like a great British eighties “indie” band that somehow slipped through the cracks. The songs are all well written with good lyrics to attend to the catchy melodies found on every song on Make Some Quiet. Once again, I must reinforce the notion that The Bell make their own sound, but no doubt the record brings to mind bands like The Mighty Lemon Drops, Felt, House of Love, Echo and the Bunnymen, and so forth. Having said that, Mathias Stomberg’s vocals lie somewhere between Paul Marsh of the Lemon Drops and Guy Chadwick of House of Love. These tunes will take you back to a time before “indie” was commodified, bastardized, whored out, and reduced to simply an alternative to mainstream.

I Am History.mp3On And On.mp3Do You Know How To Feel.mp3

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