These United States debut, Stage Mass Live Experiment

The opening pulses of “First Sight,” may fool you into thinking you are floating in oblivion, but soon vertigo will set in as the shimmering cymbals, acoustic plucks, and well-in-gear phrasing take this shaker somewhere else entirely. The song is from These United States debut release A Picture of the Three of us at the Gate to the Garden of Eden, coming out March 4th. In support of the new record, the band will set off on a nationwide tour playing 33 shows in 33 cities…as 33 different line-ups. These United States will meet with a different collaborating band the afternoon of every show, work and re-work their set according to the host band’s sonic desires, and perform for each audience a one-of-a-kind set. The kick-off show will feature DC psych-folk collective The Federal Reserve playing host to the first of These United States’ 33 collisions.

First Sight.mp3

03.03.08 Exp. #1 Arlington, VA IOTA w/ The Federal Reserve
03.04.08 Exp. #2 Richmond, VA Gallery 5 w/Great White Jenkins, Marionette, Hotdamns
03.05.08 Exp. #3 Chapel Hill, NC Nightlight w/ Auxiliary House, Sweater Weather
03.06.08 Exp. #4 Asheville, NC The Rocket w/ Arizona, Seth Kauffman
03.07.08 Exp. #5 Athens, GA Flicker w/ Andy from Denver
03.08.08 Exp. #6 Birmingham, AL J. Benton Bookseller w/ The Triceratops
03.10.08 Exp. #7 Shreveport, LA Minicine w/ The Peekers, Monadnoc
03.11.08 Exp. #8 Dallas, TX Club DaDa w/ The Silent Years
03.12.08 SXSW Austin, TX Emo’s Main Room Force Field / Terrorbird Day Party
03.13.08 SXSW Austin, TX Cream Vintage DC Does TX Party, w/ Jukebox the Ghost, Le Loup, Georgie James
03.14.08 SXSW Austin, TX AfterTheJumpFest w/ Lisps, Oliver Future, Physics Of Meaning, Salt & Samovar
03.16.08 Exp. #9 El Paso, TX Ramblin Gallery w/ Keith & Barbara’s Beautiful Souls
03.18.08 Exp. #10 Tucson, AZ Plush w/ Bon Iver, Phosphorescent, White Hinterland
03.19.08 Exp. #11 Phoenix, AZ Trunk Space w/ PWRFL Power, Capillary Action
03.20.08 Exp. #12 San Diego, CA The Epicentre w/ The Heartbreaks, The Lisps
03.21.08 Exp. #13 Los Angeles, CA Echo Curio w/ Cat Hair Ensemble, The Lisps, Clevis
03.22.08 Exp. #14 Merced, CA The Partisan w/ Two Sheds, The Definite Articles
03.23.08 Exp. #15 San Francisco, CA Hotel Utah w/ The Blank Tapes, Indianna Hale
03.25.08 Exp. #16 Portland, OR Mississippi Studios w/ Musee Mecanique
03.26.08 Exp. #17 Seattle, WA Sunset Tavern w/ Johanna Kunin
03.27.08 Exp. #18 Boise, ID This House On Fire w/ TBA
03.28.08 Exp. #19 Salt Lake City, UT Urban Lounge w/ TBA
03.29.08 Exp. #20 Denver, CO Hi-Dive w/ TBA
03.31.08 Exp. #21 Minneapolis, MN 400 Bar w/ Vandaveer
04.01.08 Exp. #22 Des Moines, IA Vaudeville Mews w/ Vandaveer, The Lonely H
04.02.08 Exp. #23 Iowa City, IA Mission Creek Fest w/ Pieta Brown, Skursula,
04.03.08 Exp. #24 Chicago, IL The Hideout w/ Vandaveer
04.04.08 Exp. #25 Louisville, KY The 930 w/ Vandaveer
04.05.08 Exp. #26 Lexington, KY The Dame w/ The Scourge of the Sea, Vandaveer
04.07.08 Exp. #27 Providence, RI AS220 w/ Deer Tick, Tom Inhaler, Liz Isenberg
04.08.08 Exp. #28 Somerville, MA P.A.’s Lounge w/ White Hinterland
04.09.08 Exp. #29 Portsmouth, NH Studio Verte w/ Nat Baldwin
04.10.08 Exp. #30 New York, NY Cake Shop w/ TBA
04.11.08 Exp. #31 Brooklyn, NY Union Hall w/ David Dondero
04.12.08 Exp. #32 Baltimore, MD Talking Head w/ Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Cotton Jones Basket Ride
04.13.08 Exp. #33 Washington, DC Black Cat w/ Wye Oak

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