album review:: Foxhole: We the Wintering Tree

Foxhole are from Kentucky, and most of the members grew up around the thriving Louisville nineties scene, where bands like Rodan, Slint, and others made a profound impression. There are little reminders of those great bands sprinkled throughout We The Wintering Tree. Foxhole are for the most part instrumental, and categorized with bands like Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky, and so forth. Utilizing the natural ambience of a one room church in Kentucky to find spacious sounds, the band recorded the album during a two week period. Recording at the church paid dividends, as this album has a lush and wide open ambience present from beginning to end. “A Series of Springs and Falls” opens the record with a shimmering guitar, soon followed by horns, instating a regality that will last throughout the album. “The End of Dying,” begins with a riff, and ends with guitars slicing through an erratic atmosphere, only to fade to the lull of a new spring, seared by faint horns gliding over the intermittent drums. Trying to go through and give account for all the detail here is difficult, for We The Wintering Tree is a dynamic and majestic album, unraveling like a great journey you must see to the end. The album reads best as a whole, but if I had to pick out a favorite episode it would be the floating “At Right Angles,” appearing as an effortless jaunt across an endless snowy field, and ending in confrontation, chaos, and the unknown. Instrumental music needs something to compensate for the lack of vocals, and apart from these wonderfully arranged compositions, it can not be overstated how integral the horns are in bringing the album to an entirely different place. Moreover, I love bands like Mogwai, but there is aloofness and cold to those groups, which ensures I have to be in a very specific mood to want to endure the feelings those sounds bring on. In the end, We The Wintering Tree has all the intensity and color, with an added openness and beauty, making this a good listen pretty much anytime.

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