Brian Grosz:: Bedlam Nights

Bedlam Nights is Brian Grosz’s soundtrack for the eternal struggle — done in worn down gloss, combining melody, abrasion, and power to make the message. Grosz’s vocals are reminiscent of Mark Lanegan with less low end. Bedlam Nights commences with the night prance of “Can’t Let Me Go,” moving into the raving mad “Lady on the Low,” touched by a snarling tense guitar. “Someone’s Gonna Swing” crashes in like Pigface, tacky and singed with an atmosphere of dread. The album follows to the quick heavy passing southern gospel of “An Ephemeral Moment of Clarity,” into the blood and suffering of “King James Blues.” Bedlam Nights is an album made for when you’re feeling lost, but you’re not trying to go down the wallowing-in-self-pity path.

someones gonna swing.mp3roads.mp3

Cocaine & Chardonnay

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