The Fortified 2008 Winter Antifolk Festival

More than 50 songwriters, musicians, bands, spoken word artists and other performers from the world of Antifolk will take the stage of Sidewalk Café (94 Avenue A, NYC. Club Phone: 212-473-7373) for the 2008 Fortified Summer Antifolk Festival, running February 19-29. The Festival provides the opportunity to tap into a cross section of the creative and expressive musical community centered in the East Village. Now in its 23rd year, Fortified Entertainment, an entertainment company run by Lach, presents the Antifolk Festival.

audio by Lach:
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Feb.19-Feb.29-The Fortified Winter Antifolk Fest 2008
Tues. Feb.19- 7:30- Kenny Cambre, 8-Andrew Duncan, 8:30-Ben Krieger, 9-Kelsey Bennett, 9:30-Dan Costello, 10-Art Sorority For Girls, 11-Carl CreightonWed.Feb.20- 7:30-M.Lamar, 8-Peter Dizozza, 8:30-Frank Hoier, 9-Dibs, 9:30-Elizabeth Devlin, 10-Casey Holford, 11-Antifolk Reads Bernard King
Thurs. Feb.21- 7:30- The Elastic No-No Band, 8-Joe Crow Ryan, 8:30-Brendan Kerwin, 9-John Houx, 9:30-Ben Godwin, 10-Soft Black, 11-Phoebe Kreutz, 12-Level II
Fri.Feb.22- 7:30- Herb Scher and The Key-Lime Pie Revue, 8-Preston Spurlock, 8:30-Bendik, 9-Erin Regan, 10-Mike Baglivi, 11-Creaky Boards, 12-The TelethonsSat. Feb.23- 7:30-Scary Mansion, 8-Charles Latham (Philly Antifolk), 8:30-The Fools, 9-Brook Pridemore and The Valley Cubs, 10-Lach, 11-Don McCloskey, 12-The HumansSun.Feb.24- 7:30-Masheengun Kelly, 8-Eric Lippe, 8:30-Liv Carrow, 9-Nan Turner, 9:30-Yoko Kikuchi, 10-Major Matt Mason USA, 11-Ivan SandomireMon. Feb.25- 7:30 – The Antihoot with Lach. Sign-up 7:30.
Tues. Feb.26- 7:30-Scott Alexander, 8-Pablo Das, 8:30-Bryan McPherson (Boston Antifolk), 9-Matt Singer, 10- Goodtimes Goodtimes (London Antifolk), 11- Michael Wagner
Wed. Feb.27- 7:30-Brian Speaker, 8-Brownbird Rudy Relic, 8:30-Isto, 9-Poez, 9:30-Debe Dalton, 10-Eric Wolfson and The War Cabinet, 11-Jason Trachtenburg and The National Distractions
Thurs. Feb.28- 7:30- Emily Price, 8-Peter Nevins, 8:30-Somer, 9-Josh Fox, 9:30-Alisha Westerman, 10-Darwin Deez, 11-The Sprinkle Genies, 12-A Brief View of The Hudson
Fri.Feb.29- 7:30-Nate Awesome, 8-Jeffrey Marsh and Rick Sorkin, 8:30-Pearl and The Beard, 9-Dan Fishback, 10-Daniel Bernstein and The Happy Zealots, 11-Ching Chong Song

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