The Harpeth Trace:: On Disappearing

The Harpeth Trace released their quite excellent On Disappearing, a few weeks ago. The album is such a mood piece, created from a wide palette of shades, with the result being a new color – – that is, but isn’t. On Disappearing is a smoky mirrored affair done in hazy grey, with reverbed-out walls of buoyant, but not brash sound. Dark, ominous, and mild mannered, the mutated chamber feel of “Georgia May,” is luscious in its’ murkiness, and reminiscent of The Clientele with a drier wit. Don’t get me wrong, the album doesn’t get stuck in one mood; in fact it explores all the necessary derivatives. While On Disappearing is best as a whole, some of the standouts include the British melancholic psych of “The Numbers in Your Hand,” the aforementioned “Georgia May,” and the exiting kaleidoscopic pop of “Hotel Bristol Forever.” The Harpeth Trace have created a really cool sound made for odd moods, times of reckoning, rainy days, and pretty much anytime else.

Georgia May.MP3Who Knows Where You Are.MP3

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